“Leadership has to do with how people are. You don’t teach people a different way of being, you create conditions so they can discover where their natural leadership comes from.”

Peter Senge


Welcome to Adventure Bound Camps, Inc., where everyday campers set off on a new journey of exploration and discovery.  ABC provides up to weeklong traveling day and overnight summer adventure camps. You provide the camper(s); we provide the transportation and passionate Instructors.

We strive to provide the ingredients to ignite campers’ passion for nature. ABC exposes campers to and immerses them in a wide variety of outdoor adventure activities in different beautiful regional outdoor locations. ABC’s daily outdoor adventure and experiential programming is camper centered. ABC’s passionate and skilled Instructors create an atmosphere of support and encouragement. We believe that creating opportunities for supported failure and success with professional instruction lays the foundation upon which campers can grow socially, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

With today’s societal demands, it is difficult for parent’s to take kids into nature. In addition, in today’s electronically driven world, kids are all too often captivated by the “screen.”  ABC’s purpose is to breakdown this barrier to nature for kids and to set them on a path to where they can (and will) choose to live an active outdoor lifestyle as they grow and mature into adulthood and beyond.  To facilitate this barrier breakdown, ABC provides: 1) transportation to stunning outdoor locations; 2) immersive, experiential nature-based adventures; and, 3) individual and group professional instruction of the “hard” and “soft” skills for outdoor adventure activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, standup paddle boarding, sailing, rail-trail biking, camping, backpacking, wilderness survival and more.

We recognize that parents have an instinctual tendency to keep their kids “safe” by insulating them from activities that are perceived as “risky.” At ABC, however, the outdoor adventure activities campers pursue have inherent risks and challenges, similar to life. We pride ourselves in striving to cultivate in campers sound judgment-making skills that can be used in the outdoors as well as in daily life. ABC teaches campers the fundamentals of how to identify and prevent or mitigate risks so they can recreate in the outdoors in a responsible manner. For additional information, please visit ABC’s statement on outdoor adventure risk management.